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0xLotto, your web3 lottery with better oddsRedefining Lotto odds, 1 Ball at a time.Play, win & earn a whooping 70% share of our revenue. Powered by $LOTTO.CA: 0xf47ab324910c4017af6f30411e31bc26cac90648
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Our Key FeaturesAt 0xLotto, we are dedicated to transforming the world of lotteries through transparency, innovation, and rewarding experiences.
Burn2SpinBurn $LOTTO for a chance to win a pool of 15% of the total weekly taxes ! More info to follow
Revenue Share
Revenue ShareStake $LOTTO and share 70% of our revenue coming from the platform's 15% fee on every draw
Global Accessibility
Global AccessibilityBorderless draws on Arbitrum 9AM EST | 2PM UTC & 9PM EST | 2AM UTC
Fair Draws
Fair DrawsFairness guaranteed by Chainlink's VRFfor tamper-proof, unbiased draw numbers.
Dynamic Prize Pools
Dynamic Prize PoolsFueled with 40% of the taxes on $LOTTO and 100% of the ticket sales.
How to Play the Lottery?
Ticket purchase
Ticket purchaseVisit our DAPP to buy tickets using $WETH on the Arbitrum network using our user-friendly interface.
Ticket matching
Ticket matchingOnce you have your tickets, watch for the winning numbers during the draw and aim to match them in sequence.
Prize allocation
Prize allocationCelebrate perfect digit alignment with our transparent Prize Pool Allocation, rewarding luck and accuracy.
Enjoy a discount from 0.45% to 4.95% on the total amount of tickets purchased! (1 to 100max per order)
How to Play Burn2Spin?Burn $LOTTO for a chance to win a share of 15% of the weekly taxes. Additional information coming soon.
Additional information coming soon
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Ball X
Ball L
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TOKENOMICS$LOTTO TokenBuy/Sell Tax: 5% tax applied to each transaction of $LOTTO
0.75% LP
0.75% LP
1.5% Marketing & treasury
1.5% Marketing & treasury
2.75% Reward pools
2.75% Reward pools
Seed: 40% TGE, 1 month cliff, 3 months vesting
Seed: 40% TGE, 1 month cliff, 3 months vesting
Team: 30% TGE, 12 months vesting
Team: 30% TGE, 12 months vesting
Reserves: 3 month cliff, 12 months vesting
Reserves: 3 month cliff, 12 months vesting
Liquidity pool (90%)Seed (5%)Reserves (3%)Team (2%)
Liquidity pool (90%)
Seed (5%)
Reserves (3%)
Team (2%)
Product Launch
Testnet LaunchMainnet launchStart marketing (promotions & giveaways)
UX enhancements
Multichain deploymentTelegram bot realeseNew games & features
Regional Events
Exciting prizesTailored promotionsPrizes personalization
Bridging & expansion
DeFi integrationNext-gen gamingExpand beyond lotteries
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